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Day Program is an inspiration.

Amy, Age 18

Horizons has given me a warm and safe place to stay at night, 3 meals a day and 2 snacks as well. The staff are really helpful, a listening ear when I have a concern on my mind. If it weren't for services like Horizons, I would probably be sleeping on the street. I would not have the help and support.

Lydia, Age 17

Horizons has provided me with a safe place to rest my head at night when I have had nowhere else to turn. The staff provide life skills to each resident in their own unique ways. They take the time one on one to see how they can better your situation. Furthermore, there are an advanced number of resources that have helped me to obtain the rest of my high school credits and pursue a job according to my interests. I like the programs at Horizons. The staff cater to each and everyone's different needs, they listen, reach out, sit down and actually listen to your problems. If it weren't for Horizons, I think I would be on the streets, in jail or possibly dead. Horizons gives hope and a chance to those who are down on their luck

David, Age 21

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